• UPSdisplay

    Internal clusterio plugin to get the worlds UPS and display it on master

  • clusterioMod

    Server side handling of functionality in the clusterio lua mod

  • globalChat

    Clusterio plugin to allow for chat between instances.

  • inventoryImports

    Clusterio plugin to fill character logistic slots with master imports

  • playerManager

    The clusterio player management tool aims to track players, their statistics and (possibly) their permissions on the cluster.

  • remoteCommands

    Config for clusterio remote command plugin. Allows you to execute commands on slaves with a web API.

  • researchSync

    syncs research across servers

  • scenario_loader

    Simple way to load scenarios using Hotpatch

  • serverManager

    Server management tools for remote config edits and web based server management

  • statisticsExporter

    Gathers ingame stats such as production, consumption, kills and buildings placed